Arrive Early
It is suggested that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the show. This allows you to find your seat, read the program, and get settled before the overture begins. Please arrive early to have the best experience possible.
Late Arrivals
Those that arrive after the curtain goes up will have to wait behind the doors, in the public concourse and will only be admitted during a suitable break in the performance, so as to not cause an interruption to other guests as well as the actors on stage. Usually this is during a scene break or the applause break at the end of a song. Just alert the usher that you have arrived late and ask to be seated. The usher will usually peek into the house, and escort you to your seat when the time is right. There is a safety issue here, too. Plunging into a darkened theatre could lead to a trip or fall.
Don't Talk During The Show
A quick whisper to your neighbor, or an audible reaction to something interesting that happens on stage is fine but keep conversations to the intermission and after the show.
Silence Your Devices
Please refrain from using your electronic devices during a performance. When electronics ring and vibrate it is very distracting for both the actors and audience members. The bright light emitted from the use of these devices is also a disturbance. We appreciate and encourage you sharing your Etihad Arena experience via social media, but we ask that you select appropriate times to do so. Pre-show, intermission, and after the curtain closes are wonderful opportunities do update and post your status.
Limit Your Restroom Breaks
We request that you use the facilities before the show, during intermission, and after the performance. Should you mis-plan and find yourself unable to wait for a proper break, we ask that you exit the theatre during a scene change, applause, or black-out.
Photography And Videos Are Prohibited
Photos or videos of any kind are not to be taken of the stage or of the performance due to copyright regulations. You are welcome to take photos in our lobby and prior to curtain time, intermission and at the conclusion of the show in the theatre. If attempts are made to photograph or video during the performance, a kind usher or Arena staff will require you to delete the pictures to ensure we are all compliant with copyright regulations.
Stay Until The Final Bow
Leaving while the show is in progress or before the actors have finished their curtain call is distractive to the other guests and discourteous to the actors. Please stay and cheer through the standing ovation, then you may exit with the rest of the audience.
Don’t Sing Along
It’s tempting sometimes, we know. But if you want to sing on Broadway, then you’re gonna have to audition like those people up onstage did.
Don’t Make Noise
Please refrain from making any noise during the show: coughing, unwrapping candy, eating crunchy nachos… make sure to take the plan accordingly and schedule these before the show, during intermission, or after the performance.
Respect The Space And Comfort Of Those Around You
Please sit in the seat you are assigned so you do not cause confusion for other audience members. Also please practice good theatre etiquette by taking care to not lean into your neighbor, hog armrests, intrude on already limited leg room or let your bag or other belongings hang so far off the back of your seat that it ends up in someone else’s lap.